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FarmBot / farmbot_os


The operating system and all related software that runs on FarmBot's Raspberry Pi.


Build Status

Farmbot OS

The "brains" of the Farmbot Project


Instalation should be fairly straight forward, you will need a computer for this step. (everything after this can be set up on a mobile device.)

Windows users

  1. download and install Etcher.
  2. download the latest release.
  3. insert an SD Card into your PC.
  4. open Etcher, and select the .img file you just downloaded.
  5. select your SD Card.
  6. Burn.


  1. download the latest release.
  2. dd if=</path/to/file> of=/dev/<sddevice> bs=4 or use Etcher.


  3. Plug your SD Card into your RPi3
  4. Plug your Arduino into your RPi3
  5. Plug your power into your RPi3
  6. From a WiFi enabled device*, search for the SSID FarmbotConfigurator
  7. Connect to that and open a web browser to
  8. Follow the on screen instructions to configure your FarmBot. Once you save your configuration FarmBot will connect to your home WiFi network and to the FarmBot web application.

* If you are using a smartphone you may need to disable cellular data to allow your phone's browser to connect to the configurator.

Updating the firmware

To update the firmware on the Raspberry Pi (Only version 3 for now) and the Arduino (on any rpi), simply use the "update" buttons on the web application. There is no need to reinstall the entire OS.


See the FAQ If your problem isn't solved there please file an issue on Github

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