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GradleFx: A Gradle plugin for building Flex projects

GradleFx is a Gradle plugin which adds some common targets used in almost every Flex/Actionscript project.
It can create both SWC, SWF and AIR files. The plugin uses the compc and mxmlc java tasks under the hood.
All compiler arguments are supported. Some are automatically filled in by the plugin (like source directory,
dependencies) and other more specific arguments can be provided to the plugin by adding them on the
additionalCompilerOptions convention property.


  • convention-over-configuration
  • dependency management
  • multi-project support
  • source file change detection
  • SWC, SWF and AIR project support
  • FlexUnit support
  • AsDoc support
  • Adobe Flash Builder & Intellij project generation
  • project scaffolding
  • Automatic Flex/AIR SDK installation
  • Mobile (Android & iOS) support

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