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fr1zle / vscode-elixir


Elixir support for VSCode


Elixir Support for Visual Studio Code

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Read the CHANGELOG to see what has changed in this extension over time.

This extension adds rich elixir language support to VS Code including:

  • Syntax Coloring
  • Snippets
  • Intellisense




Make sure you have installed elixir with all its dependencies correctly and make sure it's in your path. You can check this by typing elixir --version into a terminal.

There currently is no option to change the path of the elixir executable. If you feel like there is a need for this, feel free to open up a pull request.


Autocomplete/Intellisense is implemented using an older version of alchemist-server with some patches applied. For the auto complete to work properly, you will have to recompile your source code from time to time (using mix compile) for it to pick up the latest changes to your source code.


These wonderful people have so far contributed to this extension. Feel free to add your name here:

(This list is in no particular order.)