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jeroen / opencpu


OpenCPU system for embedded scientific computation and reproducible research



A System for Embedded Scientific Computing and Reproducible Research with R

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The OpenCPU system exposes an http API for embedded scientific computing with R. The server can run either as a single-user development server within the interactive R session, or as a multi-user linux stack based on rApache and NGINX. The current R package implements the core of the system. When loaded in R, it automatically initiates the single-user server and displays the web address in the console. The OpenCPU website has more detailed API documentation.


Cloud Server

To install the cloud server in Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04

#requires ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) or 16.04 (Xenial)
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:opencpu/opencpu-1.6
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade

#install opencpu server
sudo apt-get install -y opencpu

sudo apt-get install -y rstudio-server 

See the opencpu website for details how to install on other platforms.

Local Development server

The single-user development server will automatically start when the package is loaded in R:

> library(opencpu)
Initiating OpenCPU server...
Using config: /Users/jeroen/.opencpu.conf
OpenCPU started.
[httpuv] http://localhost:7722/ocpu
OpenCPU single-user server ready.

Use opencpu$browse() to open the testing page in a browser.