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rahulmutt / ghcvm


A Haskell to JVM compiler that supports GHC Haskell.


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Eta - Modern Haskell on the JVM

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The Eta programming language is a dialect of Haskell which runs on the JVM and has the following goals:

  • accessibility for beginners from imperative languages, especially Java
  • compatibility with GHC 7.10.3's Haskell.

Visit for instructions on getting started.

Current Status

Version: 0.0.5 Stable Build: 0.0.6b2 Latest Build: 0.0.6b2

Active development is taking place in the following areas:

  • Concurrent runtime
  • Interactive REPL
  • Metaprogramming (TemplateHaskell support)
  • Core library support
  • Boilerplate generation for Java FFI imports
  • Platform-specific installers

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Getting Started

Visit the Getting Started page in the documentation.


Eta is available under the BSD 3-Clause License, see LICENSE for more information.


We would like to specifically thank the following groups/people:

  • GHC HQ for providing a base for us to work on.
  • Alois Cochard for his codec-jvm package that we use for code generation.
  • Christopher Wells for his JAR packaging utility.
  • Brian McKenna for his bug fixes in the codegen/runtime and implementation of basic IO facilities.
  • Sibi for helping out with porting packages and setting up TravisCI.
  • Anton Gushcha for giving detailed bug reports on the Java FFI.
  • Balaji Rao for contributing to the design & implementation for some parts of the FFI.
  • Javier Neira for making Eta work on Windows and testing extensively across multiple Windows versions.
  • Paavo Parkkin for improving error checking in the compiler to prevent runtime bugs.
  • Ashley Towns for implementing low-level primitives in the standard library.
  • Alexey Raga for helping out with CircleCI and actively reporting bugs.
  • And many others who have contributed to Eta in various ways.

Thank you guys!