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rust-unofficial / too-many-lists


Learn Rust by writing Entirely Too Many linked lists


Learn Rust by writing Entirely Too Many linked lists Build Status

Read the pretty version at


Building requires an instance of rustbook be set up on your machine.

A mirror of the rustbook code can be found here. This requires a nightly version of the Rust compiler, as well as Cargo:

cd rustbook/
cargo build --release

Once built, the binary can be found at rustbook/target/release/rustbook.

If that doesn't work (#13), rustbook can also be built as part of rustc. Here's instructions for building Rust from source.

However it needs to be a slight deviation from the normal process:

  • You should do ./configure --enable-rpath instead of ./configure
  • You don't need to install (I don't think rustbook will use that -- although maybe I'm wrong and make install will install rustbook too -- happy to be wrong!)

Once built, rustbook will be somewhere deep in the build target directories. This is a bit platform-specific, to be honest. On my machine it's at x86_64-apple-darwin/stage2/bin/rustbook. The x86_64-apple-darwin bit is the really platform specific part, where I hope you can guess what your platform will sort of look like. On windows you may need to look in stage3.

Now just copy or link rustbook to be somewhere on your path.

Once you have the rustbook binary, you just need to do:

cd too-many-lists/
rm -rf book/ && rustbook build text/ book/